NaPoWriMo: 1

OK, off to a rocky start.  A couple weeks back, a friend told me about National Poetry Writing Month, or NaPoWriMo (see, which encourages people to write a poem each day during April, which is National Poetry Month.  Each day, writers are given a prompt.  April 1, the prompt was to write a poem which has the same first line as another poem.  Except I’d forgotten the name NaPoWriMo and couldn’t find the prompt.  So, after spending a lot of time looking in vain for the daily prompt at, I decided I’d just write a poem anyhow, and track down the prompt on April 2.  I tried a sestina at first–I remember a friend in college wrote one and it was awesome–but it quickly became evident they’re hard to write.  So I went with haiku.  Which was also hard, but thirty-six lines shorter.  Anyhoo, here goes.  My seasonal reference is “winter” (subtle, yes?) and my kireji or cutting word is “exchange.”  It’s the first poem I’ve tried to write in twenty years.  Oh:  I got a tooth pulled in February.  I ended up really enjoying the pain pills the oral surgeon prescribed, and my two days of lazy narcotic loafing was such a relief after all the dread prior to the extraction that, looking back, I considered it a fair trade.

Molar Fifteen and the Hydrocodone
a winter exchange
all of them small, hard, and white
tooth for narcotics


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